President’s Corner  – Carlo Armenise’s Word of the Week Over the time that Carlo has been the President of DRSS he has send out “Word of the Week” emails.  These weekly emails remind us of why we are here and the necessity of taking care of business and our clients.  Each month we will include in our news letter some Carlo’s words and the reasoning behind these words. ‘URGENCY’ – To handle a project, task or issue with “immediate” attention. In our business being client obsessed means treating every client with a deep sense of urgency. While we know that time kills deals, we forget that the definition of deals to our clients is “dreams”. When you’re striving to achieve a dream, you approach it with a sense of urgency and our Clients need that from us. Make the call “now”, put “notes” in the system “now”, negotiate the deal “now”, there is only the present and for our Clients and our Company, if we don’t act with a deep sense of urgency, success isn’t guaranteed. Do it now. CONSCIOUSLY INCOMPETENT – “Being aware of the things you don’t know and taking steps to find them out” It’s a fact of life that we are all about some things “incompetent”. There are things that if we knew more about them we could be more successful. But just being able to recognize that we don’t know, gives us the opportunity to learn those things and that’s being consciously incompetent. When you’re UNCONSCIOUSLY INCOMPETENT it means you either don’t know or don’t care, but aren’t aware of it so you can’t take steps to improve. In our business, in each of our departments, there are things we don’t know. We don’t know how other departments operate and the issues they have to deal with and how what we do affects them. We don’t know enough about our clients and what motivates them to either move forward with their dream or not. And we don’t know enough about our fellow teammates and partners in the business in order to appreciate the work they do and the help they need from us. In order for the company to succeed we all need to be consciously incompetent and take the opportunity to learn what we don’t know and use it to the benefit of our Clients and ourselves. PROACTIVE – The ability to formulate and execute a plan before it becomes a problem. At DRSS we are constantly faced with choices in our office and with our Clients. We can either be reactive or try to fix an issue after it has already become a problem or we can be proactive and solve an issue before it ever becomes a problem. Reactive people spend all their time putting out fires, many of which keep burning and end up in failure. Proactive people spend their time anticipating and planning before the fire ever starts and achieve a more consistent level of success. So be proactive.