Kent was born in Hollywood California and has five brothers from two mothers.  As a kid in Los Angeles he experienced the social experiment of integrating the public schools during the “Los Angeles bussing era.”  He moved from Studio City to Newport Beach while in grade school where he quickly became a local beach bum at “The Wedge,” a surfing spot at the end of Balboa Peninsula.

In high school, he played on the soccer, tennis and basketball teams.  After a couple years and “Dead-Head” concerts later, he started the high school surf team.  In Kent’s second year at Marymount he worked as an intern for “Pirate Radio,” selling airtime and partying with the best at all the promotional events.  He also played guitar in a band with schoolmate and friend Jesse Diamond, son of famous singer Neil Diamond.  Kent then attended the University of Oregon where he became a “founding father” of the Pike fraternity and member of the Inter Fraternity Council.  Of course, attending many UofO football games along with grunge band gigs in Seattle was par for the fraternal course.  After obtaining his BA, Kent moved back to Southern California where he briefly worked as a social worker then quickly decided to join a spin-off company called Glenn Gary Glenn Ross, Inc., selling leads to brokers on the NYSE.   Kent quickly obtained his series license from the SEC and sold commodities at Irvine Securities Company, LLC.

Kent then moved to Las Vegas in 1996 to be close to his father, second mother, and three locally born brothers. He sold new homes for a couple years, moved into property management and became successful in commercial real estate just in time for the recent bubble bust.   He started acting a few years ago taking classes locally, and landed speaking roles in three independent films that no one will ever see, or at least he hopes not.  He states, “they are supposed to be rated PG”!