DRSS Real Estate Services

What do you think of when you hear the word “Real Estate”?  Salesperson?  Dishonesty?  Disengaged?  Maybe you feel like you are just a number.  For us here at DRSS, when we welcome a client into the Real Estate Department, a lot of responsibility is also accepted. At DRSS, Clients are not just numbers, files, or stores. Rather, Clients are people, just like us, yearning to achieve their dreams. So, now, you likely want to know how to be most successful as you journey through the Real Estate process.

Once you have arrived in the DRSS Real Estate Department, communication is key. Here at DRSS Real Estate Services, communication not only with you, our Client, but with one another, is fundamental.  Constant communication makes certain that we thoroughly understand your dreams and are able to place ourselves in a position where we can ensure that your dreams are realized.  We cannot achieve our goals until you have first achieved yours. Over the decades countless stories demonstrate this fact.

Recently a Client was turned over to Real Estate and, just three days thereafter, he informed us that his mother had fallen ill. As a result, she needed her son to fly back to Dubai for her treatment.  There he was, facing a choice of chasing his dreams or saving the woman who had encouraged him his whole life to do just that, pursue his dreams.  After hearing his story and understanding his tough situation, we connected with him as a person and tailored our procedures to perfectly fit his needs. In less than seven days, the Real Estate Department located, negotiated and finalized a lease for his business. As a result, he made it to Dubai in time for his mother to receive the treatment she needed to save her life.

He was so impressed with our understanding and desire to help him in his time of need that, shortly after he returned to the states, he let us know that, due to our excellent customer service, sincere compassion, empathy and dedication to our Client’s dreams, he was ready to open his second store with DRSS. Further, he hopes to have us assist him in opening a store in his hometown of Dubai.

The above story took place over a period of less than thirty days. It was all made possible because, to us, here at DRSS Real Estate Services, Clients are much more than numbers. They are people with dreams.  Through this process we are given the opportunity to connect with people who we would never have had the opportunity otherwise. Therefore, we are able to help their dreams come to fruition.

For the Real Estate Department, and DRSS as a whole, we provide each and every client the attention and outstanding customer service that we ourselves expect. At DRSS, we are offered a unique opportunity to lift others up, to be their strength when they are afraid, and provide them with the reassurance and stability they need during this scary process.  We understand that doing something you have never done before can be frightening. We pride ourselves on providing the clarity to our Clients necessary to make fear a non-factor.  When all is said and done, we hope to share in their pure child-like joy. There is nothing more rewarding than that.