June’s Employee of the Month was Bobbie Williams.  Bobbie has been with DRSS since November 4, 2002.  She has had numerous positions and is currently one of our New Store Supervisors with JW Imports.  She assists new Dollar Store owners prior to opening their store through the first 60-90 days of operations.  Bobbie has always been and will always be a top performer.  As part of the award of Employee of the Month is the prime parking space at the front of our building.  Bobbie does not own a vehicle so she was awarded a new mode of transportation so she would be able to take advantage of this parking space.  Below is a picture of Bobbie with her new vehicle with the personalized plates.











The following employees all work as Leasing Managers in our Real Estate Department:  Kent Preston, Steve Nosrat and Jeanne Jordan.  All three of these employees went Above and Beyond in the daily work of negotiation leases in the month of June.

Another recipient of the Above and Beyond  award in the month of June was David Buonfiglio.  David has proved his sales abilities in the time he has been at DRSS.