Sep 12, 2014

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2014 DRSS Water Drive a Success!!!

2014 DRSS Water Drive a Success!!!

Thanks to DRSS employees, this year’s 2014 DRSS Water Drive was a huge success! On August 29th we loaded a moving-truck and delivered more than 13,920 bottles of water to Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth, The Las Vegas Rescue Mission and The Shade Tree.  All of the organizations are a nonprofit organizations that aid homeless and other disadvantaged individuals throughout the Las Vegas area.

Many homeless and disadvantaged people suffer from thirst, heat-related illness and even death when temperatures soar in the summer months. As a response, DRSS organized the company’s first annual Water Drive event in with the hope of collecting 120 cases of water (2,880 bottles). That goal was crushed by the collection of nearly 14,000 bottles.

Now DRSS is hoping to triple the number in 2015 by involving other businesses, clients and partners. As a result of DRSS’ 2014 water drive, these charities have not had to turn away any individual who needed water.  DRSS is hoping for its campaign to hydrate the homeless to grow bigger and better every year. Thanks to all who participated! You’ve made a huge impact in many people’s lives.



Water Drive Stats:

  • 1st Stop:  Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth According to Clark County Schools, there are 8,000 homeless youth in Las Vegas.  Total Bottles donated 4,704
  • 2nd Stop:  Las Vegas Rescue Mission Over 36,000 Southern Nevadans have experienced homelessness within the last year.  Total bottles donated were 4,608.
  • 3rd Stop: The Shade Tree 350 Women and children call The Shade Tree home every night.  Total bottles donated were 4,608


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